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Saturday, 29 October 2011

666 Bottle of @grimreaperfoods The Evil One walks among us!

The Evil One Hot Sauce
Grim Reaper Foods will surprise one lucky chilli head with the latest batch of  The Evil One Hot Sauce the 666th bottle has been dispatched!!!!!!!! The bottle will be marked with 666 below the best before label and will have extra heat inside it for the one lucky person! I think this is brilliant idea and hope to get my hands on it. If you find it let me know and you can post a review on its secret special heat!

Read My review of the Evil one and pick up a bottle to see if you get lucky by clicking on the picture of the bottle on the left and keep your self going waiting for batch 11

If you are after a milder Halloween hot sauce treat then don't forget the Rookie Goblin Hot Sauce too, goblin green in colour.

But don't just take my word for it. The Grim reaper is a multi award winning hot sauce producer and now an award winning chilli chocolate producer too. Not just your average chocolate with a bit of chili added either there is some real though put into these bars coming our way, I'm excited and you should be too we have

Black widow naga dark chocolate with rose geranium and lemon,

Hellraiser naga milk chocolate with sweet orange, cinnamon and clove.

And finally the award winning special white chocolate Purgatory my personal favourite of the three!

Look out for these too at Scorchio

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