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Friday, 17 December 2010

Dragons Blood Hot Sauce

Chillipepper Pete's Dragon's Blood
Dragons Blood
This 100ml bottle of sauce is a must in your collection when you need that proper lasting chili kick. Dragons Blood is among Chilli Pepper Petes best award winning creations containing large amounts of naga-bih jolokia and 6.4mshu chilli extract.

Dragons Blood Hot Sauce has been tried by new Star boy band The Wanted causing much fun and laughter within the group. Some of them could take like Max from the wanted it and some of them.... well lets just say they weren't quite expecting their dinner to be that spicy!... who do you think survived the tasting in the group??

Dragons Blood packs flavour as well as power, this bottle has a regular spot in my cupboard and I have inflicted this sauce on my work colleagues with hilarious effect... they came back for more despite the pain because they loved the taste.  Now they have bought bottles for themselves too.

Pick up some Chillipepper Pete's Dragon's Blood from Scorchio by clicking on the bottle or the link above and taste what The Wanted and so many others have come to experience and love!

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  1. Ah yes, the tried and trusted Dragons Blood. I, to, am a chilli fiend of many years. This little fella is one of the best. If used as a condiment on a sandwhich for example it gives great flavour and punch. It works particularly well on bbqd food. I've also found ant if used in cooking, the flavour mellowed and the heat reduced slightly, probably due to the capsasin denaturing through heat. I have also put it in chocolate. The results....DING DONG!!