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Monday, 12 December 2011

Check out these Dr B's Bhut-Kickin' Brownies

I have spotted this fantastic image online just now it looks like the chile pepper institute will soon have their hands on some great new products. Best of all purhasing anything from the institute will help to support them in ther future work.

The Chile Pepper Institute is an international nonprofit organization devoted to education, research, and archiving information related to Capsicum. Since its inception in 1992, it has been a recognized research institute in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences at New Mexico State University.

The Institute collaborates with the New Mexico State University Chile Breeding and Genetics Program to preserve chile germplasm, of both cultivated and wild species, and to advance the studies of chile pepper diseases. Furthermore, the Institute seeks to be an authorative source of all types of information regarding Capsicum

So check out their website and see what you can learn

Saturday, 10 December 2011

@SDCF_CO_UK Hot Habanero Sauce Review:

South Devon Chilli Farm Hot Habanero SauceThe South Devon Chilli farm produce a very wide range of products. I have visited their farm and they shop is well worth dropping by if you ever get the chance.

This week I have been trying their Hot Habanero Sauce. The bottle is 100ml and has their great logo at the top with an almost innocent looking picture of a chilli giving no real indication of the Rating 150,000-200,000 Scoville heat contained within.

The bottle says "The Habanero is the King of chillies - a great flavour and VERY HOT. The chillies used in the sauce are grown and cooked on our farm."

To get you thinking this sauce is Winner of a Gold Great Taste Award 2005 and 2007. As well as winner of a one-star gold Great Taste Award 2010.

The ingredients highlight the purity of the sauce 50% fresh Habanero chillies from their farm cider vinegar, fresh lemon juice, salt. The habanero chili is a very fruity chilli packed with natural flavour alongside its impressive heat rating so not much is needed alongside it. I am pleased the South Devon Chilli farm have stuck to this and only added sweet sharpness to the powerful flavour.

Its true to say that and hot sauce containing habanero is mainly about heat, but the taste of this one accentuates all that is good about the habanero providing a rich full flavour not found in many equivalent sauces available in teh market. the sauce itself is quite runny as its mostly pure but not too runny than something like Tabasco's version of the Habanero sauce

South Devon Chilli Farm Hot Habanero Sauce can be used on its own dashed onto any food but is ideal for adding heat and flavour to spicy dishes. A few drops go a long way when used as a table condiment.

You can pick yourself up a bottle from Scorchio by clicking here enjoy and check out their other products available.


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Merry F***in Christmas Hot Sauce

Merry F**ckin' Christmas Hot SauceA  quick post on this amusing hot sauce I have just stumbled across Merry F**ckin' Christmas Hot Sauce I admit I have not tried this sauce so cant offer you a review but the offencive festive name and colourful bottle would make a great stocking filler.

The hot sauce uses the wonderfully fruity and powerful Habanero chili pepper so it is sure to provide a kick and if the Christmas day turkey is dry then you can add some of this. The bottle label even has space with  'To' and 'From' sections so you can personalise your gift!

Not bad for a fiver too for that look on their face unwrapping you can pick up some Merry F**ckin' Christmas Hot Sauce from Scorchio by clicking here

Bring on the festive season and the chilli sauce to warm your soul in the snow!