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Monday, 12 December 2011

Check out these Dr B's Bhut-Kickin' Brownies

I have spotted this fantastic image online just now it looks like the chile pepper institute will soon have their hands on some great new products. Best of all purhasing anything from the institute will help to support them in ther future work.

The Chile Pepper Institute is an international nonprofit organization devoted to education, research, and archiving information related to Capsicum. Since its inception in 1992, it has been a recognized research institute in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences at New Mexico State University.

The Institute collaborates with the New Mexico State University Chile Breeding and Genetics Program to preserve chile germplasm, of both cultivated and wild species, and to advance the studies of chile pepper diseases. Furthermore, the Institute seeks to be an authorative source of all types of information regarding Capsicum

So check out their website and see what you can learn

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  1. James, I'm sure you know this but the word "bhut" in Nepali (and I suspect Hindi) means ghost or spirit - not at all like "butt" in the American sense!