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Saturday, 7 January 2012

@GrimreaperFoods Hell Raiser Chocolate Review

Grim Reaper's Hell Raiser Milk Chilli Chocolate
Its the start of a new year and no doubt you have had too much chocolate. But have you had any quality chocolate?
Grim Reaper's Hell Raiser Milk Chilli Chocolate is chocolate for chilli heads. There are plenty of chocolates out there with 'a hint' of chilli but this one is not designed for those people.

As Grim Reaper foods develops their packaging designs continue to grow. This bad has the great touch of being sealed on the edge with a ribbon with I love. The packet says

"With Devilishly Hot Naga Jolokia, Sweet Orange, Clove Oil & Cinnamon Can you Handle the Heat?Innocent milk chocolate corrupted with Naga chillies, orange oil, clove oil and cinnamon, bringing you heat summoned from the deepest depths of hell. This devilishly hot bar will test even the most seasoned of chilli lovers!"
I would say that is a very accurate and honest description of the wonderful contents awaiting you inside. Each  bar of  Hell Raiser is hand made by the Reaper himself. Not content like others of just adding a bit of chilli to some chocolate, care and though has gone into the overall flavor and balance of this product. You dont just get chocolate or just and overwhelming sense of chilli heat as you might expect. Instead with natural vanilla; essential oil of sweet orange, cinnamon, and essential oil of clove the flavor is in fact quite complex. The heat is provided courtesy of 0.5 Naga Jolokia Chilli, On its own this chilli is known to be potent and also very fruity, using just the right amount you get a nice dose of heat to be satisfied as a chili head but also not too much to overpower the cinnamon and orange. Finally the bar does have a cool name too!

To pick up a bar of Hell Raiser Milk Chilli Chocolate click here to go to Scorchio

If you don't think you can stop at just one bar of chocolate you can buy the full set of these three innovative chili chocolates by clicking the picture below or clicking
here to get Hell Raiser, Black Widow and Purgatory be warned though these are literally so good that suppliers often sell out fast forcing the reaper back in the kitchen!

Grim Reaper's Chilli Chocolate Trio: Hell Raiser, Black Widow & Purgatory

Chilli Festival Planning 2012

It is the start of another year and the excitement of planning ahead for another year 
of hot sauce, chili growing and chili festivals. Will Grim Reaper Foods win yet another award this year at the Fiery foods festival? Will any new producers appear with great sauces?

Here are a few dates below, I will keep these up to date on the chilli festival tab at the top of the page. If your festival is not listed please let me know an ill add in a link.

This year for me sadly The great West Dean Chilli Fiesta have decided to alter their regular date so I will not be able to attend but I hope to at least be at, Chlli Fest Shoreham, The fiery foods Festival in Brighton and the Upton Cheyney Chilli co this year. See you there!

Scorchio - Banner 5 (120x90)

Lakes Chilli Festival at Levens Hall and Gardens

Day of Fire and Spice at Simpsons Seeds
26 May 2012

Grill Stock
30th June July 1st 2012

Chilli Fest Shoreham by Sea
West Sussex
July 14th and 15th

West Dean Chilli Fiesta 2012
July has been cancelled and the event moved to 25th to 27th of August the hopefully sunny bank holiday weekend
(2011 festival information)

Arley Hall & Gardens 

Great Dorset Chilli Festival 2012
 St Giles House, Wimborne St Giles, Dorset
4th August to 5th August

Nottingham Chilli Festival
11th August

The Great Oxford Chilli Fest
August 18th and 19th

Frosts Garden Centre Chilli Festival
25th August to 27th August

Bennington Lordship Gardens Chilli Festival 
26th and 27th of August 10am to 5pm

Waddesdon Chilli Festival
1st September

8th and 9th September 2012
Manor Farm, Upton Cheyney, Bristol, BS30 6NQ

September 15th and 16th September

The Manchester Chilli Festival
7th October

Scorchio - Can you take the heat?

Festivals Outside the UK

September 1st and 2nd  2012

16th October 2010 to 17th October 2010

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