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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Satans Shit Hot Sauce: Satans Last Supper

Chillipepper Pete's Satan's Shit@CPPete made this delightfully named Satans Shit extreme paste from chilli pepper Pete contains the following potent mix of vicious ingredients fit for Satan's last supper:  fresh naga, prunes, vinegar, blueberry juice, cherries, green Tabasco, sugar, 12m chilli extract, 15m crystalised chilli extract. All this packed into a little 55ml jar, but don't despair at the size you really don't need much of this on your plate! I love chilli products that come with a warning and this is one of those sauces "Beware of this product and use extremely sparingly as it is incredibly hot!!!"

Of chilli pepper Pete's range must be amoung his most evil product yet. There is even radio proof  available of just how hot this stuff is of Jeff Lloyd from Absolute radio sampling Satan's Shit live on air! click here to hear his reaction. and laugh as he rapidly goes down hill and starts to loose his voice very funny!

At chilli tasting events I have witnessed the brave and the provado of people trying this sauce to impress their friends, much to my ammusment one described it like a napalm bomb had been dropped in his mouth!

When I tried the paste for myself to see what all the fuss was about I wasn't disappointed. Following the intense wonderful flavour you get from all Chilli pepper Pete's sauces you suddenly get hit with the heat, the pain was only compensated by the large endorphin rush alongside a feeling of dizziness and an uncontrollable smile at the experience. This paste is not one for the unprepared and should be used with caution as the warning states. In my opinion who listens to warnings.... the delusional high this stuff will give you is well worth the deeply satisfying burn and sustained pain level. Pick some up for yourself I want to join the last supper and get hold of some of this shit look out too for the rare christmas version santas shit...

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