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Saturday, 11 June 2011

South Devon Chilli Farm Smokey Chipotle Sauce

South Devon Chilli Farm Smokey Chipotle Sauce@sdcf_co_uk have produced a real marvel of pure smokey delight in this bottle South Devon Chilli Farm Smokey Chipotle Sauce. I recently visited their new farm shop and picked up some supplies and this hot sauce didn't last long once opened. This Hot sauce has a pleasant gentle heat that just adds flavour to anything you put it with. When you pick up the bottle you see the description....

"We oak- smoke our own jalapeno chillies to make the 'chipotles' which give this sauce its wonderfully rich flavour.  use it as you would a ketchup, or as a party-dip (on its own or mixed with yoghurts or sour-cream).  A traditional Mexican sauce, great for wraps..."

and really anything you want to add some deep smokey flavour too, you could try it in a chile con carne like my recipe here or anything your imagination lead you to really! I will hopefully be working my way through their range of hot chili sauces and letting you know what they are like when I can get my hands on some. Before then if you woudl like a bottle of chilli smoke click here to pick some up from Scorchio

South Devon Chilli Farm

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