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Monday, 25 July 2011

Rookie Goblin Grim Reaper Foods

Rookie Goblin Hot Sauce
@GrimReaperFoods, who made their debut with a the awesome  The Evil One Hot Sauce' winning the Fiery Foods Festival in 2010 have now released a new hot sauce using jalapeno peppers Rookie Goblin Hot Sauce. Grim Reaper foods range is rapidly expanding and this jalapeno sauce adds a tasty entry level step to the growing selection.

The first batch of Rookie Goblin Hot Sauce sold out very quickly and I have only just managed to get my hands on some to taste. Based on the last sauce I knew that this one was likely to be tasty and I was right.

The ingredients or oranges and limes bring a great citrus note to the taste of this sauce. An interesting ingredient of note is the coriander. I would use this sauce in a number of Mexican dishes like fresh fish Tacos or a layer in each enchilada before you wrap and bake them. With the winning combination of coriander, jalapenos and spring onions I would also add The Goblin to a salsa verde if you can get hold of some green tomatillos

The label looks very cool and sinister though it does remind me a little of the monster from the movie The Forbidden Planet... perhaps the sauce has a secret forbidden ingredient?

In summary this is a tasty entry level sauce that everyone should love, a great additive to almost any Mexican dish and yet another sign of more good things to come from this new company

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