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Monday, 1 August 2011

CaJohn Select Chilli Purees Fatalii Review

@CajohnFieryFood have produced a fantastic range of select Chili puree products that are very useful for everyday use or to add power and flavour to your cooking.

"CaJohn selects only the finest chiles for his signature line of purees. Ground fresh from the fields, they are blended with distilled vinegar. Citric acid and Vitamin C are added to preserve color, then they are bottled immediately. The result is a minimum of 80% chile solids, more than four times the content of most hot sauces. These purees are wonderful for inclusion in your culinary creations, or sauces of your own design."

The Fatalii is known for it's extreme heat and citrus flavor. Because of such flavor and heat it makes for a unique hot sauce that usually compromises of other citrus flavors like lime and lemon. The walls of the peppers are very thin which makes it very easy to dry. After drying they can be used as powders The Scoville Food Institute lists the Fatalii as the sixth hottest pepper with Scoville units ranging from 125,000 ~ 325,000 units.

I had not tried the Fatalii chilli before and loved this puree, I would relates the taste similar to that of a scotch bonnet or habanero. very fruity and very powerful but very tasty too. Adding this sauce to a chilli con carne woud produce a very unique dish and certainly blow you head off if you add too much.

This puree hot sauce looks more pricey than other sauces but in the bottle you are getting a high concentration of the actual chili pepper so you are in fact getting great value for money and CaJohns has done all the hard work for you compressing a pile of tasty chilli peppers into just one bottle ready for you to use. Click here go to Hot Hedz and pick some up

CaJohn's Select Cayenne Puree
CaJohn's Select Serrano PureeOr check out some of the other puree hot sauces in the range by clicking one of the links or pictures below to grab some from Scorchio shop where I pick up all my sauces from in the UK.

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  1. Have grown the red Fatalii for a a bit. Just now growing the yellow this year. I love the fatalii pepper and like most of CaJohn's products I have tried, but haven't gotten to this one yet.

    Nice review. Please do visit the ones my daughter and I write at: