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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Meet @SinfulSauces They look good and taste great!

At West Dean chilli fiesta 2011 I had the pleasure of meeting with Kelly and Paul the husband and wife team who run Sinful Sauces. I have watched this company with great interest since hearing about them. They both undoubtedly love chillis. Before I met them and tried any of their products i did wonder will fantastic visuals, marketing and websites be backed up by the same amount of passion and flavour in their products? I am very happy to say that i wasn't left disappointed. Sinful Sauces have brought a very special range to the chilli world for us all to enjoy with products for everyone in the very clever Seven Deadly Sins range.

What may have started out as a small, fleeting idea in the summer of 2010 has quickly evolved into the great Sinful Sauces we see today in a very short time! Their product range is split into sauces, spreads and pickles made from hand-picked ingredients and designed to tempt even the most novice of chilli enthusiasts through to the hardened chili head.

Many companies have hot sauces on the market and there is strong competition. How many company's do you know with a chilli peanut butter? I know two including Sinful sauces and the other isn't worth mentioning. Your a chilli head.... you have the same dull toast each morning.. you like peanut butter occasionally...Hmmmm I wonder if... yes chilli peanut butter was born and not only that but cashew and choc hazlenut too. these are not to be missed. I have tasted one of them with a review to follow but unfortunately for me and great for them all sauces and tasters had sold out before I reached the store at West Dean. they were even considering driving home making more overnight and coming back the next morning just to ensure the chilli heads weren't disappointed. That's commitment,  that's passion, that's just one of the many reasons I have come to love Sinful Sauces.

Please go and check these guys out somewhere and give your taste buds what they are after. Which is your favourite sin? Perhaps Passion with pineapple and habanero or Wrath with smoked garlic and Naga. I hope to have the opportunity to try and review every sin for you once I get my hands on them all.

To meet up with the good people in Sinful Sauces click here to be taken to a page showing you which festivals they will be attending. If you cant get to a festival then below is a list of the stockists. click here for an update of this list

Hot Headz - Wholesaler of Sinful Sauces. Playing with fire since 1994!
Chilli Pepper Pete - Brightons premiere Chilli store and sauce producer
Selfridges - Voted best department store in the world!
The Devil's Garden - It's always hot in the Devils Garden!
St. Giles Cheese - Incredible boutique cheese store (with a whole lot more too!)
Nicholson's Butchers - Multiple award winning, Lancashire based butchers
Jack The Rooster - The hottest restaurant in Finland!
Burleydam Garden Centre - Voted 5th best garden centre in the UK!

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