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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Meet @DartmoorChilli Farm

I would like to introduce you to another British chilli farm. Their way is  natural and holistic without the use of herbicides or pesticides making nature do all the hard work.

The are proud of being a green company with a very low carbon foot print and have been awarded a Dartmoor First award for environmental sustainability. Impressively the chilli nursery is off grid, as Dartmoor chilli farm create their own electricity with solar panels and a wind turbine and harvest rain water for our plants

Over ninety varieties of pepper including sweet, mild, medium, hot and extreme are regularly produced from seeds sown in January using the biodynamic cycle.

If your a fan of chilli this place is a one stop shop with a great selection of plants that can be mail ordered supplied in 9cm pots from April to August each year with a minimum order of just three plants. Larger 1 and 2 litre pots are available from farmers markets.

Also if you want to skip the home growing, Dartmoor can supply fresh chilli packs too and have a full produce range including ten flavors of chilli chocolate, a range of chutneys from sweet and mild to extremely hot, sweet chilli sauce and a very hot Dartmoor Dynamite sauce, chilli jelly and chilli jam all in our distinctive Dartmoor Chilli Farm packaging. Keeping with the organic theme Dartmoor Chilli farm use their own chillies in all of their chilli produce so you can guarantee hand picked quality.

Take a moment to visit their site and check them out, if you can find some go for the BEAST of Dartmoor sauce


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