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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Daves Gourmet 12 pack: What will you bring to a BBQ this Summer?

Most people you expect to bring meat and beer but how many people bring sauce, you will be the star of the show if you turn up with this little beauty from Dave. You will please all with this pack with hot sauces from mild to extreme the chilli heads will be happy and so will anyone else to.

Dave's Mini 12 Pack

The 12 pack contains lots of awesome sauces from Costa Rica:

Dave's Rowdy Red Chile Hot Sauce
Dave's Hysterical Habanero Hot Sauce
Dave's Dave's Chilli 'n' Chipotle Hot Sauce
Dave's Hurtin' Jalapeno Hot Sauce
Dave's Cool Cayenne Pepper Sauce
Dave's Jammin' Jerk Sauce & Marinade
Dave's Ginger Peach Hot Sauce
Dave's Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce
Dave's Roasted Red Pepper Chipotle Hot Sauce
Dave's Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce
Dave's Crazy Caribbean Hot Sauce

Pick up a Dave's Mini 12 Pack from Scorchio by clicking here and liven up your next BBQ

Scorchio - Can you take the heat?

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