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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Chilli Pepper Petes Dragon Slayer Sauce

Chillipepper Pete's Dragon Slayer - Crystal EnhancedIf you have tried the original Hot Sauce Dragons blood from ChilliPepperPete then this Chillipepper Pete's Dragon Slayer - Crystal Enhanced sauce is the next level up! It contains12 million scoville rated extract as well as 15 million rated chilli crystals, this sauce demands respect and appreciation from the proper chilli enthusiast. I first tried at the West Dean Chilli Fiesta when ChilliPepper Pete himself gave me taster from the innocent looking 60ml bottle. Even in small quantities you get that real endorphin chilli hit that we all chase as the concentrated capsaicin enters your system. This sauce is a powerful one, but at the same time it has a hint of the oriental about it with a distinct and wonderfully well defined fruity, rich almost plumy flavour. But when you try it you wont be focusing on the flavour hints first time I can tell you, but you will be smiling!

Ingredients: blueberry, vinegar, naga bih jolokia, prunes, crystallised ginger, cherries, green Tabasco chilli, black treacle, 12 Mshu extract, 15m chilli crystal

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  1. I would never have expected Blueberries to be a major ingredient in a chilli sauce! I suppose it needs something sweet to tone-down all the chilli heat.

  2. ChilliPepperPete does make good hot sauces but he also makes sure he focuses on the flavour rather than just the pain/heat that other suppliers just go for. So you will find many fruits and funky flavours in his sauces.