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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Chilli Pepper Petes Naga Headhunter Sauce

Chillipepper Pete's Naga Headhunter Sauce@CPPete has brought out a new Head Hunter hot sauce based on the great naga chili pepper. Some of you may remember that there used to be three head hunter sauces. In my opinion the best of the three is winning the race. The bottle says:

"This sauce has been a New age ketchup for the seasoned chilli head. Use liberally 3 times a day. Even works with pudding. Splash it all over."

Chilli Pepper Pete makes great sauces in my opinion and he is without doubt my favourite UK producer. I have long been a follower from his early days at my local markets. Many of his sauces are award winning power houses with heat not for mere mortals. This all natural Head Hunter Naga based hot sauce from chilli pepper pete is a delicious mix of sweet and savoury mixing together pineapple, tomato, onions, fresh naga chilli, dried naga chilli, Aleppo chilli, sugar, garlic and salt. The combination of enough heat from the naga to satisfy and a wonderful flavour that you will find any chili head reaching for again and again however hot you like your sauce. I used an entire bottle at a BBQ once and now it is on my shopping wish list for my next order! Click here to get some Chillipepper Pete's Naga Headhunter Sauce

Oh and if you are reading Pete or Rose I love the new labels for the bottles too!

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