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Monday, 20 June 2011

Visit to the South Devon Chilli Farm

@SDCF_co_uk are lovely people who will welcome you when you arrive. Over Easter I paid a visit to them on their farm and it is indeed as I had heard a chili lovers paradise! Following your winding journey you are greeted at the farm by stunning views and a stylish wooden hut.

South Devon Chilli Farm began in 2003 with just a few chilli plants and has since grown to over 10,000 chilli plants every year! Whats exciting about this place is they don't just grow chillis. SDFC have a farm shop too where they sell fresh chillis and make a range of hot chili sauces, preserves and even chilli chocolate.

The good stuff doesn't end there either, there is a chilli cafe where you can eat your favourite food while enjoying the view too. The farm, shop and cafe are now open from 10-4.30 seven days a week.

That's not all either, once you are full of hot chili can go on a tour among the fruiting chilli plants in their show tunnel and see all kinds of different chilli! Also you get to see where the large scale magic of chilli production takes place.

Check out their website for directions, updated pictures and more information here South Devon chilli farm. I would recommend this as a day out to any chilli fan. I have also bought some sauces and hope to get reviews up soon, just click on the south Devon chilli farm link on the left side bar to see some.


  1. I like a little chilli in a few foods but, on the whole, I avoid it. (Except for keeping cats from pooing in the gravel.) None the less, I am trying to grow chillies for the first time this year. It's a bit of a challenge and they are nice looking plants. So far, they aren't growing fast but . . .

    Incidentally, I'm interested in the spelling. You use two lls but the spell check keeps telling me to write chili not chilli.

    Esther Montgomery

  2. Dear Esther, Thanks for visitign my site. Chilli is written in many different ways and I believe origionates from a Nahuan language in Mexico. A basic way to look at the word is chili or chile are spellings used generally in american and chilli is generally used in the uk but all are understood and interchangable and you will notice I use all different versions on thsi site and in my description of the site. :)