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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Frank's RedHot Chile n Lime Hot Sauce

Frank's RedHot Chile 'n' Lime Hot Sauce - 354ml
Franks RedHot Chile n Lime

Frank's RedHot Chile 'n' Lime Hot Sauce is a very tasty all round hot chili sauce from the USA. This is the kind of stuff you can keep in your cupboard and bring out for everyone. Where you might reach for Tabasco sauce think about giving this one a try. The bottle says Frank's RedHot Chile 'n' Lime Hot Sauce  is a party-hearty surge of flavour. A heat wave of chile and spice blended with a tangy burst of citrus, it's a match made in hot sauce heaven.

The hot chili sauce uses the Cayenne red pepper which gives it a distinct flavour without the intense heat of other sauces making this accessible to all people that want to add some warmth to their food. Once you have tried it you instantly see it will go with most foods tacos, steak, nachos, salsa, salads, fish, fajitas, burgers chicken....... I have already used this in tacos last night and its great click on the picture to pick some up.

The sauce is also great for adding to drinks as its quite thin making it perfect for experimentingwith a Bloody Mary or where ever your imagination will lead you like a Flatliner Shooter:

Pour the Tequila to nearly half way of the shooter glass
Slowly pour in sambuca against the side of the glas so it creates two levels.
Finally add the Franks RedHot Sauce drop by drop to taste
Knock back the shooter and enjoy
Click here to  bring me a bottle of Frank's RedHot Chile 'n' Lime Hot Sauce - 354ml so I can warm up my food and drink

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