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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Home Grown 2011: Growing Update

Hopefully @Marksvegplot and @WeGrowOurOwn would be proud of my efforts this year. Chilli Plants and Hot sauce is the focus over here but there is also veg to be seen too. Though I admit that I do have support in the veg department from my partner who takes great pride in her work. 

For friendly and informative advice on vegetable growing you should visit where he will guide you through is wonderful never ending supply of veg and beautiful photographs from his small domestic urban kitchen garden. He does also admire the chili plant and so far is having more success than me this year with my wobbly start and melted propagator!

Below is a couple of snapshots of my efforts this year. I do have another update from the chilli grow experiment for you soon too and some new purchased editions to my plant family from the Gardner's world show where I met Alan Titchmarsh.

Chilli Plants
 Above we have the survivors of the melted propagator incident, four plants are now going strong outside sheltered from the wind and excess rain in this mini greenhouse. We have two padron plants, a Cayenne pepper and chocolate habanero.

Chilli Nasu Pepper Plant

This has been growing in a strange way but still producing lots of lovely chilli fruit. The Chilli Nasu plant produces small round chillis that ripen from green to red. the heat level is not too high on these peppers and often add them sliced to salads. Last year the plant was next to a Jalapeno plant and some interesting cross pollination took place producing small round Jalapenos

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  1. Just found your site - I love growing chillies and am trying new varieties every year. Will definitely be visiting a chilli festival this year!