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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Jekyll or Hyde Hot Sauce Review:

Jekyll or Hyde - You Decide!@GrimReaperFoods have produced something special and unique. The Reaper has kindly provided me with a sneak peak of something that will both tempt and intrigue you from his hot sauce range. Jekyll or Hyde … you decide.

On the bottle you find: "Alone in the laboratory the doctors experiment was complete. Dare she try the potion… why not? What harm could it do?"

I love the building story that comes with this line of sauces from Grim Reaper Foods, it give an overall feeling of the dark arts at work in an underground kitchen.

Jekyll or Hyde begins with Chipotle chilli sauce in the larger bottle. This sauce is gorgeously sticky and thick and will work well as the bottle suggests with dishes like pulled pork and ribs adding a lovely warmth to your food and depth of flavour with the golden syrup. This sauce on its own is very tasty and worthy of production by itself. However the fiery foods award winning Reaper (Russell Williams) likes to do things a little different and always goes that extra mile to bring us a not just a good sauce but a truly great sauce!

Jekyll's Potion: Now this where it gets interesting, Jekyll's potion is added drop by drop to the sauce and this serious stuff, basically pure chili "do not ingest in pure form."

The joy from the true experimentation Jekyll’s potion allows you have, makes this more than just another hot chili sauce. You can have the basic sauce which tastes great on its own or become "Hyde", pimping your sauce with some powerful heat from the potion to you personal taste. This makes the sauce very versatile as you can pour out different pots of it and individually mix. Why not create your own laboratory with different pots or event test tubes and create your own selections of sauces.. evil laugh optional.

I played around with different mixes using a couple of teaspoons of sauce and adding increasing drops of potion you can actually see the stuff working and with each taste you find yourself returning for more and adding 'just a little more potion... after all what harm can a little more do' Beware this stuff is extremely moreish and can also become very hot very quickly and I love it!

If you are a chilli or hot sauce fan then this sauce is a must in your collection. You just have to experience the pleasure, pain and sheer fun to be had with such a combination. Jekyll or Hyde - You Decide! is now available from Scorchio by Clicking here or the picture above.

PS: I do worry what fellow insane hot sauce reviewer Darth Naga will do with the potion, i'm sure something will pop up on you-tube or maybe the national news.....

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