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Monday, 28 November 2011

Chilli Christmas present Ideas Scorchio Hot Sauce Club

The Scorchio Hot Sauce Club (12 Months Membership)
Over the last year I have been a member of the Scorchio Hot Sauce club. I have tried a lot of chilli sauces and it is easy to get stuck into the same selection by habit. The Scorchio Hot Sauce Club was in fact a gift for me and it has been soo good I though it was worth sharing with you all.

You have a choice of joining for six or twelve months at a time. Every month you will then receive a mystery package with a new sauce and on occasions this will be one you wouldn't have maybe tried and you will learn something new.

I did wonder if maybe I would receive all super hot sauces which may not be for everyone but in fact the selection has been very varied in spice and heat level and from different suppliers all around the world.

If you really love your hot sauces click the picture or one of the links below to find out more and expand your hot sauce horizons for yourself of as a perfect present for another chilli head!

The Scorchio Hot Sauce Club (12 Months Membership)

The Scorchio Hot Sauce Club (6 Months Membership)

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