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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Xmas for Chilli Heads Chili Pepper Fairy Lights

Chilli Party LightsI first saw these Chilli Party Lights at the west dean Chilli fiesta in 2009 and thought they looked great, it was summer so I didn't pick myself up any. However since then I have been bought two boxes of them as gifts and have used them for Mexican nights and Tequila evenings. If you are looking or the ideal gift for your chilli head this Christmas or want an alternative Christmas tree then pick up a box by clicking the picture below and bring the same smile to their face as recieving them did to mine.

I have not yet managed to get them on the Christmas tree yet but thsi year I will succeed!  Ive also used them at BBQ's outside much to my friends amusement. Perhaps I should put them up in my chili potting shed instead? If you want to get your hands on some just click on the picture above to get a box from trusted hot sauces supplier Scorchio.

If you get some come back and leave a comment below, let me know where you have put them up or send a photo to me on twitter @jamopepper.


  1. Hey, I like the new Header picture! Have you seen this website, which offers quite a lot of chilli seeds?

  2. Thanks im playing around with a few new ideas for the site desing and the dynamic templates. simpsons seeds have a great range. they even sell a chilli called big jim which i grew a few years back. They also have a sstall at west dean chilli fiestia each year so when you make it down there you year you can chat direct to them.