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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Upton Cheyney Mango, Lime and Habanero Hot Sauce Review

@chilli_farmer in Upton Cheyney kindly provided me with a bottle of their Mango, Lime and Habanero Hot Sauce to try. The bottle has their trademark appealing homely look to it, giving the sauce a real organic feel before you even try it. Checking out the ingredients the ones that caught my eye were cider vinegar, red and orange habanero and interestingly English mustard which I believe adds a stroke of genius to the flavour.
The bottle says: An exotic hot sauce, based on mango and lime for a bitter sweet taste with red habanero's for a fiery finish. Be aware - it's is a very HOT sauce!

Upton Cheyney Chilli Company - Mango, Lime & Habanero Sauce

I tried this hot sauce over a fillet of salmon with a nice crunchy salad. The red habaneros indeed give this sauce its kick tempered only by the cool well matched mango and sharpened just enough by the lime. I would definitely buy this sauce again and will be investigating where I can use it in my next dish tonight. Im thinking a spiced yoghurt dip to go with a curry...

Why should you but this sauce....The passion the Upton Cheyney chilli Company have for their farm and their products is clear, and this is evident in the quality of the sauces they produce. Their chilis are organic and home grown and their ever expanding range of sauces are ones you should check out. If habanero heat is not for don't worry they have a full range of tasty stuff worth giving a go.

Check out their online farm shop here and pick up a bottle from them direct or from Scorchio by clicking here and look forward to a bottle of joy from these easy going people.

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