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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Upton Cheyney Chilli Farm

Maturing Chilli Tunnel@chilli_farmer run the wonderful Upton Cheyney Chilli Company. They even a have a farm you can visit too. The farm is open throughout the growing season from March to November. They are a friendly bunch there eager to share their chilli expertise and enthusiasm with you offering tours through the chili tunnels. Currently there are 2 poly large tunnels. One (a 15ft x 20ft tunnel) is used for germination and propagation, whilst the other (a 20ft x 60ft tunnel) has been used this year for the main growing crop. 

Throughout the tour and at any part during your visit useful the staff are on hand to provide you with great advice on growing your own chilli plants and to cap it off a great range of taste samples at the end! Click the picture below to go straight to the farm shop and treat yourself.

Whats different from other chilli sauce producers and Upton Cheyney is all products manufactured by them use their own organically grown chillies and home grown supply of garlic and onion. The chilli sauces and chilli jams are lovingly made in small batches in the kitchen of our farm shop too. These people put real love and passion into their sauce making so if you get the chance give then some support and visit them at Manor Farm, Upton Cheyney, Bristol, BS30 6NQ. If your around at the right time check out their very own chilli festival on September 10th.

Their website has sooo much more information so check them out on the farm by clicking here

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