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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Caribbean Food Made Easy Cook Book Review

Levi Roots has now become part of everyday food with some of his products after his successful Dragons Den appearance. I have met Levi and his son on a number of occasions at various food festivals and chili events round the county. I have to be honest and say that I don't like his famous reggae reggae sauces even though I have a signed bottle on my shelf! However I can say that his cook book is great. In the BBC2 programme, Caribbean Food Made Easy, Levi Roots travels around the UK and the Caribbean and reveals how delicious Caribbean food can be prepared at home with easy to prepare, mouth-watering recipes using fresh, healthy and readily available ingredients. The show consisted consist of four 30 minute shows demonstrating 3-4 dishes per programme. The book that you get accompanying this mini show includes 100 delicious Caribbean recipes, including all of those that appear on the TV programme.

The book wonderfully colourful and well illustrated with a nice introducion to the common ingredients in carabean cooking at the front of the book easing you into the recipies ahead. The recipies are divided into several sections like: one pot & suppers, fish and seafood, beach and street food, drinks and deserts. The use of fresh ingredients such as pineapple and hot scotch bonnet really bring this food to life is you are willing to experiment. I can definately reccomend the jamaican pork chops and sticky jerk wings with sugared oranges!

Pick up a copy of this scotch bonnet laden recipe book from amazon by clicking here of the picture below and get some fruity carabean food into your regular cooking
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