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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Make us a Brew Mint and Chilli Tea Bags Review

Make Us A Brew Mint Chilli Tea Bags caught my attention at a recent food show. I like tea..... I like chilli... whats this chilli tea.... let me try some!

The cartoon covered box contains 25 orgnic tea bags and tells you the story of this special tea was invented:

"After my little mishap with the chillies in the kitchen, we wasted no time in getting a proper blen together. My favourite mint brew, a blend of peppermint & spearmint was combined with a pinch of chilli to give it a cheeky twist without going over the top."

Make Us A Brew Mint & Chilli Tea Bags

When making the tea you will find that the chilli takes a little longer to infuse than the mint, so the longer you leave the bag in, the more chilli you will taste! this way the tea can be as hot as you like to wake you up in the morning! The tea itself feels like many herbal teas but this one definately gives you a tingle.

The Chilli Tea Bags are also made by a bloke called Mr. Scruff who is a DJ, producer and cartoonist! This tea has been tested at festivals such as Glastonbury, Big Chill and Womad which led to it being produced for the rest of us to try.

Make a change to your daily routine tea and pick up some Make Us A Brew Mint & Chilli Tea Bags from Scorchio by clicking here. How long will you leave the tea bag in for.........

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