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Friday, 5 August 2011

Mad Dog Green Amigo Hot Sauce Review:

Mad Dog Green Amigo Hot SauceMad Dog Green Amigo Hot Sauce is one of the tasty mild sauces in the Mad Dog Range. Why Mad Dog for a name... one you have seen their other sauces like Mad Dog 38 Special Pepper Extract - 3 Million Scovilles you will understand

But back to the Green Amigo. The bottle has their signature dog on the front, this time shaking his maracas and saying:

"Experience the mouth watering combination of fresh ingredients in Green Amigo and transport your taste buds somewhere south of the border."

This is very true of the contents. The hot sauce tastes fantastically fresh, jam packed with Jalapenos combined with lime and coriander giving an authentic Mexican flavor. This sauce can be used to instantly create a quick salsa by adding a pile of chopped tomatoes. If you can get hold of them try it with tomatillos ( for a salsa verde.
Reasonably priced around £3.99 this Green Amigo sauce from the USA will add a fresh zing and Jalapeno chili hit to any dish. If you like your sauces mild and like me cant get enough of jalapenos on you nachos this is well worth a try. Pick up some Mad Dog Green Amigo Hot Sauce from Scorchio by clicking Here

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