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Friday, 16 September 2011

Gardners World 2011 Chilli Plant Displays

Here are some pictures I took from this years Gardner's World grow your own chilli pepper plant displays. Some amazing plants and vibrant colours. I ended up purchasing a few of the interesting ones too for my own collection
Medusa Chilli Pepper Plant
 Medusa peppers are a type of sweet, ornamental chili pepper which grows upright, brightly colored fruit, which is long and thin, producing a "hair of snakes" look akin to that attributed to Medusa in Greek mythology. The fruit is sweet, unusual for ornamental pepper, and goes from green through yellow and orange, to become red when fully ripe.

Bulgarian Carrot Chilli Pepper Plant
I have had one of these plants before for a couple of years. As you can see if produces wonderful large jalapeno like chili peppers that are not too hot but you can still feel some sweet heat from them. This makes them idea for salads and adding on top of your favourite dish.

Hungarian Black Chilli Pepper Plant
The Hungarian black is a rare & colourful Hungarian heirloom chili A tall sturdy plant growing to 75cm, they have green foliage with purple veins and produce purple flowers. The pods are about the same size as a jalapeno and ripen from very dark purple to red. The pods are mildly hot and have a good flavour and the plant is great as a feature anywhere!

Filius Blue Chilli Pepper Plant
 This chilli produces unusual small purple fruits that ripen to red. Filius Blue is a Striking ornamental plant with purple/green leaves on plant 60cm (2 feet) tall. It is ideal for growing in pots.The rounded fruits grow upright on the plant and will remain there, plump and shiny, for many weeks

Prairie Fire Chilli Pepper Plant
This plant is one that always catches my eye. It's a very compact bush with small fiery chillies that mature from yellow to red. Ideal as a small pot plant on a kitchen windowsill as its quick growing and just keeps on giving producing chili peppers around 70,000 scoville units

Golden Cayenne Chilli Pepper Plant
These chillies are very easy to grow your own with littel experience. They Produce a satisfying large pepper that's great in pickles, sauces and curries. The long thin fruits mature from green to golden yellow. - ideal for cooking.

Bangalore Torpedo Chilli Pepper Plant
The first time I had one of these chilli peppers was in a Torpedo cocktail, I wondered how the torpedo bit would be and to my delight it turned out to be a large chilli.The Bangalore Torpedo is native to eastern India. Its long thin fruits reach about 12cm and drop like pendants from the plant, maturing from light green to red and becoming hotter and hotter as they do.

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  1. My "Pinocchio's Nose" chillis are getting longer by the day - and the first ones are beginning to turn red now. Jane made a tomato and chilli relish today, using a mixture of all six of my chilli types, mostly green ones. There's plenty of heat in there, so at least one of the varieties must be hot. Do you think the heat increases or decreases as the fruits turn colour?