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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Why are my Chilli's so mild this year?

A question asked to me by @Marksvegplot I have looked around for a few answers on this one and there is a slight varied opinion. Despite Chilli plants being easy to grow. Growing them well is quite hard. Everything must be as perfect as possible. Enough sun, the right amount of water, the correct feed at the correct time, not too much heat for the roots, just enough heat for the plant......

You may have watered the plant too much, which can result in a large, leafy plant with mildly flavoured peppers. Chilli plants like to be watered but they don't like wet feet. Over watering may result in the fruit being watery too and relatively tasteless. Others also indicate that the quality and length of the sunshine will influence the heat of the pepper. This can ofter be a problem with the wonderful British summer! Chilis grown in a greenhouse or windowsill may have more light and become hotter. I have recently grown a number of my plants out doors in my south facing garden so the plants get a fair amount of sunlight but as a result am I depriving myself of some heat?

This year I have also used the chilligrow from greenhouse sensation which has produced some great plants with large crops but i have selected mild chili plats to test so have not noticed a drop in their heat. This system claims to deliver the right amount of water. Perhaps next year I will experiment with some hotter plants

If you are lucky when you grow you own your chilli will show its appreciation and love you back. One of my jalapeno plants this year has produced an almost heart shaped chilli

Jalapeno chili plant

Chiligrow by Greenhouse Sensation

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