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Monday, 14 November 2011

Chilli Honey Review

Chilli Honey@chilliheat from the mighty  "the chilli pepper company"  have produced something I haven't seen before Chilli Honey, its 95% honey and 5% Cayenne chilli! I have met Gerald, the brains behind the chilli pepper company, at a number of festivals watching him inflict both pleasure and pain on regular customers and unsuspecting cocky people that he hands a whole fresh naga for the first time, very amusing!!

This Chilli Honey enriched with cayenne pepper adds a wonderful warmth to your breakfast. There appears to be an increasing number of products arriving on the chilli market in the forms of spreads and I welcome the warmer wake up call they provide. This jar of chili honey has been described at liquid gold and can be used not just on your toast but in a stir fry to add both sweetness and heat and also in a drink instead of sugar.

At £3.49 a jar its not priced too bad for a gourmet specialist condiment but with postage may be a little much so make sure you buy your jar as part of a larger order. If you would like to get hold of some tasty Chilli Honey you can pick up some from scorchio by clicking here.


  1. Visited Chilli Pepper Pete's stall at Masterchef Live this weekend - but wasn't very impressed. Pete wasn't present, and the bloke running the stall was far too interested in chatting-up a couple of girls to talk to me about chillis! :-(

  2. if you ever head to brighon he has a well stocked chilli shop near to the main train station you can now visit. a member of his family is always there to answer question and supply tasters