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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Book Review Gordons Great Escape Southeast Asia.

South East Asian food has many links with spice and chilli as ingredients. Mainly thin green finger chillis but lots of them! Gordon's Great Escape Southeast Asia. takes you through 100 of his recipes inspired from his visit there. It is worth noting that if you are after true authentic recipes this book is close but still a westernised version. This said, on the second leg of his Great Escapes series following on from Great Escape Indian book

In the South east Asia book Gordon sets out to discover the flavours of Asia, through Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Vietnam. I have travelled through most of these countries so am highly critical about the food served to me back in the UK claiming to be south east Asian. I was please to see that the dishes i had hoped to be featured like Tom Yam Goong Nam Khon, a divine hot and sour prawn soup. Ngah Poh Kai Fan a slow-cooked clay-pot chicken and Karipap the Malay answer to a Cornish pastie. Some of these of course carry Gordons touch with minor adjustments but the basic authentic concept is there.

One of my favourite snack dishes in the book can be found on page 43. coconut prawns with a sweet chili sauce i have tried other recipes for the same dish without success or that flavour i was chasing. This one left me with an empty plate very quickly.

This accompanied the TV series if you missed it don't worry as everything you need to know is in the book. there is some stunning photography travel stories combine depicting a richly-textured portrait of a continent. Age-old traditions and secrets that underpin their native dishes are discussed and taken on by Gordon in the recipes. He meets characters with fascinating lives, shares delicious meals in beautiful surroundings, and is invited to take part in the customs and rituals.

There are over 100 new recipes showcasing the very essence of these cultures and cuisines. There are unique tastes and styles from across the region, with a wealth of enticing ingredients of course including chilli peppers. Don't let unfamiliar recipe names put you off they can all be easily sourced from any Asian or Thai shop that are featured in most towns these days and Gordon sometimes suggests alternative ingredients.

If you like South East Asian food and want to give it go for yourself and spice up your homemade meals then you can pick up a copy of Gordon's Great Escape Southeast Asia from Amazon by clicking here.

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