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Monday, 24 October 2011

Wahaca Resturant review

@thomasinamiers and @wahaca together are a perfect match. Anyone who knows me knows that I am highly critical of Mexican food to the point of a fine line between amusement and annoyance to some of my fiends.I have long been excited about the opening of Wahacca and already own a copy of the Mexican Food Made Simple cook book available from Amazon by clicking this link.

I downloaded the menu from the very colourful website ahead of time and eagerly anticipated the different tastes that awaited me.

The tequila is a very good judge of how authentic a Mexican restaurant will be and the quality of the food you will expect. The tequila menu looked like some thought had gone into it. I noted that bloggers and facebook users had also been consulted. Next time count me in if you have space. There is tequila and there is TEQUILA. Wahacca serves the latter and my tastes were catered for with some fantastic anjeo offerings.

On arrival you get some wonderful nachos and salsa. The chill power would not wound any chili head but the flavour will definitely still impress. The on the table chilli sauce too is authentic as it should be using a habanero sauce pictures on the right. I obviously like my sauces and I always have some authentic Mexican hot sauce in my cupboard like Cholula Chipotle Sauce available from scorchio by clicking this link

For food I wanted all of it Wahaca selection particularly the pork pilbil as this dish is hard to find in the uk and not often done well. But if you can find a good one... I went for the Wahaca Selection

3 pork pibil tacos, 3 winter vegetable tacos, 1 large huitlacoche quesadilla, 2 black bean tostadas, 2 chicken taquitos with green rice and black beans for two people to share. I was notably speechless but had a large grin on my face. My search for a positive Mexican experience and great food in the us in finally over. There are other restaurants available sure but Wahaca is the new KING.

The pilbil was juicy and full of flavour, the quesadilla not just a pile of cheese but of taste, tacos prepared the authentic way with one of the supermarket style flavours fooling the public. The black beans and salsa mixed perfectly with all flavours and the whole experience is something I cant express how good it was. When you go to pay.... get this they actually give you some free chilli seeds too to spread

the chili love! basically just go there and enjoy yourself

The menu has already changed and I cant wait to try the new autumn dishes check it out here 

If you want more information on Wahacca check out their website and blog it is constantly up to date with news offers and all kinds of cool mexicana!

Finally please Thomasina look at opening a Wahacca in Brighton and I will be a regular customers

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  1. We have Tommy's book too -- love it. We're not great conoisseurs of Mexican food, but we do make our own tortillas sometimes, and we love dishes which use Chipotle. Tomasina Miers also introduced us to chilli-and-chocolate ice cream, which is absolutely wonderful.